BMW Performance Center Delivery

BMW Performance Center Delivery

When you order your new BMW, consider taking delivery at the BMW Performance Center-at no extra cost. From the moment you arrive in Spartanburg, South Carolina, you'll immerse yourself in BMW culture and gain a greater, firsthand understanding of your Ultimate Driving Machine's® unique capabilities.

Why not make it a trip? Explore all of the great experiences Spartanburg has to offer including the Performance Driving School programs, BMW Factory, and the BMW Zentrum.

Contact a Client Advisor to find out more about the BMW Performance Center Delivery Program and to schedule your experience.

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One Hot Lap


In a fraction of a second, the Ultimate Driver can process road conditions and minimize the risk of an accident. Learn how to spot these situations under the watchful eyes of a professional driver.


In a controlled environment, and under the supervision of BMW-certified instructors, students will experience a wide range of conditions for safely maneuvering real-world scenarios.


Hone in on quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination. With more horsepower and a sharper chassis, you need to be at the top of your game. We'll make sure you get there.

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BMW is proud to operate its Performance Driving School in South Carolina's Greenville-Spartanburg area. And although you'll find yourself spending most of your time here perfecting your ultimate driving skills, there's plenty to see in the place we call home.

BMW Zentrum - Spartanburg