Why Choose the Summer Tires Instead of All-Season Tires?

Making your vehicle safer this season is all about choosing the right tires. The tire crew at Kuni BMW want to show you all the advantages to choosing the summer tires compared to the all-season ones. In addition to increased handling and cornering, summer tires can help improve your vehicle's braking ability.

The summer tires have a different tread pattern than that of the all-season tires. This tread pattern is useful in the warmer months because it grips the road better while expelling rainwater from under the tires. The faster the water is dispersed, the less chances your vehicle is going to hydroplane.

All-season tires have many grooves, but the summer tires do not. Fewer grooves mean these tires have more tread. The excess tread aids the cars ability to brake.

Now is the perfect time to come to our tire center here at Kuni BMW so we can replace your all-season tires for the summer tires.

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