Let Kuni BMW Help You Prevent Costly Repairs

At Kuni BMW in Beaverton we often see customers with significant and costly engine problems before it is too late. Many of these problems occur when the customers vehicle has overheated due to a lack or loss of coolant. While most people are generally good at adding coolant to vehicles as needed, it is often a broken coolant hose that results in a sudden loss of fluid that causes the engine to overheat before the customer can even notice.

Coolant is needed throughout various parts of the engine. Hoses take it from the main holding tank to be distributed throughout the vehicle. If one of these hoses develops even a small leak it can result in a catastrophic and sudden loss of coolant causing damage to all parts of an engine.

This important routine maintenance can save you thousands of dollars down the line. At Kuni BMW we can help save you that money.

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