Tire Pressure Sensor

You are driving along minding your own business and next thing you know; your tire pressure sensor has alerted your vehicle that something is going on and your dashboard is lighting up with a warning. It is important to check the pressure inside of your tires as soon as possible after this occurs.

You may just need to top off your tires with a little bit of air. This can be caused by ongoing, regular use of your vehicle or it could even be caused by the weather turning colder outside. This causes the air inside of your tires to become more condensed and your vehicle reacts.

In addition to needing more (or less) air inside of your tires, you may have something else going on like debris stuck into your tire that is causing a slow leak. There could also be an ongoing issue with your tire pressure sensor.

For help with your tires visit our service center here at Kuni BMW.

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