Using BMW's Keyless Entry Technology, "Comfort Access"

BMW Comfort Access keyless entry comes standard on some new BMWs, but you can also equip your BMW car or SAV with this helpful convenience feature by choosing it as an add-on-option. For details on this and other available new BMW technology and features, talk to one of our qualified sales specialists at Kuni BMW. In the meantime, allow us to explain how BMW Comfort Access works.

BMW Comfort Access: The Basics - Locking and Unlocking

To use BMW Comfort Access: 1) Make sure your key is in your purse, pocket, or essentially anywhere within range of your BMW. (To learn more about range constraints, consult your BMW's owner's manual). 2a) To unlock your vehicle, simply pull your handle as normal, and you will gain entry you’re your BMW. 2b) To lock your BMW, touch your handle-pull on it's top-surface (see video for image). When your BMW locks, the moonroof and any open windows will also conveniently close.

Next Steps: Opening Your Trunk Using Comfort Access

Did you know that you can use Comfort Access to open your vehicle's trunk, too? Well, you can in one of two ways: 1)Press a button on the underside of your trunk lid or 2) if equipped with hands free entry, simply place your foot under the bumper, avoiding the hot underside of the vehicle).

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