Dashboard Warning Lights Can Help You with Identifying the Problem Source

All dashboard warning lights play a key role in helping you identify a problem area, as well as being able to let your mechanic know what your vehicle is experiencing at certain intervals of driving.

For newer vehicles in Beaverton, most are equipped with the “service vehicle soon” warning light, which is one that you never want to ignore. The light is designed to alert you to a repair before something more harmful occurs to your vehicle.

The most common dashboard warning light is the engine light. When the light is displayed, it can mean that there is anything from a loose wire or a replacement part is required, to a computer issue that will require being reset by a trained technician. Whereas, a brake warning light could indicate something more serious, such as being low on brake fluid, or a faulty hydraulic system.

If you’re experiencing any issues with dashboard warning lights, Kuni BMW can help!
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