The Importance of Having Car Tires Rotated Often

Here at Kuni BMW, we recommend that you get the tires on your vehicle rotated are every other oil change or 7,000 miles, whichever comes sooner. Put this off too long and you are going to experience potential trouble on the road.

Our BMW service experts are eager to help you on your way in Beaverton, OR! Contact us to schedule your BMW tire rotation soon. Tires that are not rotated frequently will result in the vehicle having trouble staying on the highway. Pulling to one side or the other on slick roads can be troublesome for drivers. When the tires are rotated often, this gives all the tires a chance to wear evenly and reduce the need for you to have to purchase new tires too frequently. Also, when the tires wear unevenly, there could be a very strong vibration when you are driving at high speeds that could affect the ability to grip the road.

At Kuni BMW, our service team is here ready to inspect the tires and rotate them in a timely manner for you.

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