Getting Prepared for Upcoming Holiday Road Trip

The countdown to the holiday travel has begun, so you should start planning to avoid all that traffic by studying these tips. The best way to avoid traffic is to simply make plans to not be in that situation, so here is how you accomplish that as you leave the Beaverton, OR area:

Look at your travel route and see if you may be near any major airports or places where holiday travelers will be in abundance. Simply map out a course around those areas while the rest of the travelers are sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Keep a small box in the trunk with some road emergency essentials like flashlights, water, a gas can, duct tape, and plenty of tools. The time you should be leaving for your holiday journey is two days before the big day, this will get you one day ahead of that traffic.

Take your vehicle to Kuni BMW and let the team of mechanics get your ride road-ready this holiday season.

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