Kuni BMW Will Take Great Care of the Crucial Fluids in Your Vehicle

Your luxurious BMW is a very complicated piece of machinery and it has many moving parts, all which have to be lubricated by liquids of different types and varieties. These fluids have to be checked and replaced on a regular basis, or your beloved vehicle will suffer and possibly cease to function at the high performance that levels that you love.

The next time you have your vehicle serviced with us here at Kuni BMW, our BMW certified and trained technicians will inspect the following to ensure your ride is driving safely and smoothly:

  • The engine oil
  • The transmission fluid
  • The coolant or anti-freeze
  • The brake fluid
  • The power steering fluid

While it is not unusual for many people to let seemingly minor fluid services go unchecked too long, it can be very detrimental to your vehicle if the fluids are not maintained properly.

We here at Kuni BMW will be happy to have one of our well-trained mechanics check your fluids for you at your earliest convenience!

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