Don't Make an Assumption About Oil Changes

How many times do you ask yourself: is it time for an oil change? For generations, people have followed the 3,000-mile rule. This no longer necessary in cars and trucks built in the last 20 years. Kuni BMW suggests checking the owner’s manual, or visit them to find out the optimal oil change schedule for your car or truck’s engine.

Most car manufacturers advise changing oil every 7,500 miles. Some only need the oil change by 10,000 miles, but don’t assume without finding out what’s best for your vehicle’s make and model. Otherwise, following the 3,000-mile rule only leads to useless spending. The engine will not perform any better from unnecessary oil changes. Vehicles are now built with more efficient engine performance.

When you’re in Beaverton come on by and get advice about creating an oil change schedule that’s best for your car or truck’s performance.

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